Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Chimp Dies On Way From Metrozoo To Busch Gardens

Criticism against Miami Metrozoo is increasing after reports that a chimpanzee died while en route from Metrozoo to Busch Gardens in Tampa.

According to the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, the chimpanzee died on Nov. 8 while on its way to Busch Gardens with two other chimps, which survived the trip from Miami Metrozoo.

The chimp that died, Kutosha, was 7 years old.

The ARFF alleges that the chimps were not accompanied by a caretaker, something the group insists is a violation of the animal welfare act. Metrozoo said this allegation is wrong, NBC 6's Jeff Burnside reported.

Metrozoo said the cause of Kutosha's death has not yet been determined.

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