Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Monkey tail bounty pays Shs2,000 in Koome, Uganda

LOCAL authorities in Koome sub-county have started buying monkey tails at Shs2,000 each. The move is geared at getting rid of monkeys, which have destroyed people's crops in the area.

The area Chairperson, Mr Patrick Mukasa Nagambye, told journalists on Thursday that following the government's failure to assist them in fighting the monkeys, the council had put aside Shs2 million to be given to residents who kill them.

"We give out Shs2,000 to each person who kills a monkey and brings us its tail and people are doing a very good job. We receive at least three tails per day," Nagambye said. He said monkeys had failed the government's National Agricultural Advisory Services (Naads) programme in the area.

"They have destroyed our Naads model garden. These monkeys have greatly hindered the government's plans to uplift the living standards of our people through Naads," Nagambye said.

Nagambye said the money to be used in this exercise was secured from the government's programme of Plan for the Modernisation of Agriculture.

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