Monday, October 31, 2005

Chimp Haven Opens To Eager Public

After 10 years and $10 million, the general public got its first look at Chimp Haven.

Friday's invitation only ribbon cutting ceremony gave way to the public today for the 200 acre sanctuary in south Caddo Parish.

Chimp Haven is a permanent home for 31 chimpanzees retired from biomedical research, entertainment, or no longer wanted as pets.

Folks got to see how the chimps live and interact in their new habitat. "It's just neat to watch them, they're just like us," said visitor Paulette Lorance. "One of them gathered all the food she could, she eats a lot, she's very big. It was just neat to watch them interact and just watch their mannerisms."

The group of 31 will be joined by more than 100 chimpanzees in the coming year, pending completion of the second phase of construction.

Ultimately, the sanctuary will host a total of 200.

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