Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Police detain 'demonic' monkey

What could lead a pet to become a threat to the life of its owner? This is the puzzle detectives from the Kano State Police Command are battling to unravel following complaints from the owner of a monkey that it was tormenting his life.

The owner, simply identified as Nafiu and son of a Kano-based multi-millionaire businessman, drew the attention of the police to the alleged bizarre conduct of the animal, which was consequently arrested and for three months now has remained in police custody.

The animal, a long time pet of one of Kano’s most celebrated business mogul, and managing director of a multi-purpose indigenous group of companies, has remained a regular sight at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Kano State Police Command following its arrest early June this year.

Sources at the Bompai headquarters of the state police command told Saturday Independent that the police had begun to probe the animal over allegations by its owner that the monkey occasionally, diabolically transforms into a human being to torment him.

However, the sources said that since its arrest the pet had not exhibited any diabolical trait.

According to the source, the police took the action following a request by the millionaire businessman to the state commissioner of police, Ganiyu Dawodu that armed men were after his life and policemen be deployed to his high-brow Nassarawa mansion where he stated that armed men had taken strategic positions waiting for the right time to strike.

In response to his request, the police boss immediately deployed three armed policemen to go with him to the scene.

“When the men got there and saw nothing that depicted danger they accosted their host who later took them to the court yard of his mansion and showed them the monkey as the suspect,” the source added.

Later, he told the policemen to take away the monkey, which he accused of being demonic and responsible for all his misfortunes.

Stunned by the development, the detectives reluctantly took the pet to the Bompai Police Station with instructions from the businessman that they could kill it anytime it transformed into a human being.

“This is my problem (the monkey). It is diabolic and demonic as it is capable of transforming into a human being to torment me,” the businessman was quoted as saying.

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