Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Monkey turns pickpocket in Hunan

A visitor to China's Hunan province became the victim of an unusual crime - a primate pickpocket with a taste for cash.

The incident happened at Mount Emei, one of China's four Buddhist Mountains and one of the country's most prestigious scenic spots.

Monkeys standing by the path and demanding food have become a common site in the area, but what happened to one person was anything but common.

Much to the surprise of a group of tourists from central China's Hunan province, instead of begging for food, one monkey stole 100 yuan notes from a visitor's pocket and then ran away into the trees. The monkey then put one note into his mouth and began chewing.

The visitor was heard shouting 'Oh my God, he is eating my money!," but didn't know what to do.

Finally, the staff at the scenic spot came and enticed the monkey to throw away the rest of the money by offering him his favorite food.

Story here.

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