Thursday, September 22, 2005

Monkey regains sense of power by slapping lions

A MONKEY has been slapping lion cubs in a Beijing safari world, reported on its Website Thursday, citing Beijing Star Daily.

The monkey slapped and scratched three lion cubs for about two weeks, injuring two cubs' ears. The cubs, which were about one month old, did nothing to strike back but to let out a few desperate mews, their keeper told the newspaper.

The monkey behaved itself for a month after a bitch mothering another lion cub gave it a lesson by an angry bite on its butt, the keeper said.

The monkey, though injured, didn't hold its mischievous instincts for long before finding new victims.

The monkey might be a deposed king of a monkey group. It was in exile after a new king emerged following a coup, which often takes place in monkey society, the keeper told the newspaper.

Deposed kings usually turn to new victims to regain themselves a sense of power.

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Chemical Cutthroat said...

I am inspired to write about my own fictional deposed monkey king.... mines going to be a womanizer and drug smuggler though.

Dont laugh. Its not funny.
Ill do it. Just watch and see.