Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mojo off to sunny climes

Mojo the monkey, who went AWOL from Belfast Zoo after a row with his dad, is to be given a new home.

The 3ft tall black and white colobus monkey is to leave for sunny South Africa on Tuesday, October 4.

Mojo shot to fame in June this year, after he temporarily escaped his enclosure following the fall-out with his parent.

The zoo decided that dad Tommy and Mojo could not be reconciled and that it would be best to try and find a new home for the little adventurer.

When colobus monkeys become teenagers they start to challenge their dads, just like Mojo did. The dad will face any competition and chase them off before they become a threat to his male dominance within the group.

But Mojo will not be heading off on his own; his six brothers are going with him.

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