Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New baby Siamang for zoo

Life's laid back for a furry four-week-old - apart from the occasional upside down dangle from a five metre-high rope.

Western Plains Zoo's newest arrival - a tiny Siamang ape - swung into the world on July 30 and has been clinging tight to its mum's belly ever since.

A group of early morning walkers were the first to catch a glimpse of the baby Siamang, who has been named Chanee meaning 'Gibbon' in Thai.

Zookeeper Kia Bailey said the zoo had taken a "hands-off" approach with the baby because the parents - Puteri and Saudara - did such a good job in rearing their young.

"What's so distinct about these animals is how closely they are related to humans," she said.

"The mum will teach the youngster to walk when it becomes less dependent on mum - it's only just started to look around a bit now."

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