Monday, July 25, 2005

Quebec gorilla becomes North America's oldest

A gorilla in Granby, Que. has become North America's oldest one in captivity.

Mumba, who came to the zoo as a two-year-old, turned 45 on Sunday, in his home about 90 kilometres southeast of Montreal.

To put that in perspective, Mumba is 90 years old in human years. For even more perspective, gorillas generally live to about 35 in their years.

While Mumba has lived a long life, it's been lacking in some ways.

"He was kept in a human family for many years, so he doesn't really relate to other gorillas very well," said Louise LaBarre, the zoo's educator. "He's really an old bachelor."

Some pictures from the early 1960s showed him dressed in human clothes and being bottle-fed.

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