Thursday, July 14, 2005

Officials Can't Promise Buddy Will Make It Out Alive

Deputies have searched a wooded area three miles outside of Caldwell for the missing monkey, who is 12 years old, about 3 feet tall and 18 pounds. Buddy was one of two monkeys that escaped from an outdoor cage. The other one was captured soon after by their owner.

Experts say this breed of monkey is very dangerous and is nicknamed "the miniature Mighty Mouse."

"It's very strong for its size, and it would not hesitate and easily take down an adult male," said Detective Stephen Hannem, of the Noble County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities are concerned because Buddy could be carrying hepatitis, herpes, tuberculosis and possibly rabies.

"We're going to make every attempt to take him alive, and if that can happen it will," Hannem said. "But we're not going to risk anyone else being injured. If the sheriff's office finds it, odds are we're going to shoot it."

Authorities are calling in experts to help with the search. They are using food traps and are concentrating on a wooded area near the monkey's home.

"We're looking for something brown or something jumping around," one searcher said.

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