Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Monkey Escapes, Bites Ohio Man

Authorities were searching Tuesday for a monkey that escaped his cage and bit a man before fleeing.

Noble County Sheriff Landon Smith said two monkeys escaped from an outdoor cage, but one was soon captured by the owner. The other monkey attacked a 20-year-old man who stopped his truck when he saw him on the road, Smith said.

"The person passing through stopped because he didn't want to run him over," Smith said. "The larger of the two monkeys jumped in the truck, tore his pants and bit him on the leg. He just made a total fool of himself."

The man was treated at a hospital, where he got a tetanus shot, Smith said.

The sheriff's department asked residents of the southeast Ohio county to be wary of the monkey, which weighs about 18 pounds and stands about 3 feet tall. The monkeys' owner was allowed to keep them, Smith said.

"He had them in a cage in the yard," Smith said. "He left home and they got out."

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