Friday, July 29, 2005

Monkey attacks Aussie orienteer

One of Australia's leading orienteers has been attacked by a monkey while training in Hong Kong.

Troy de Haas, 25, was running up the bush track on Victoria Peak when a monkey jumped off a rubber tree and attacked his back and neck.

The monkey, which was apparently after an energy bar de Haas had just taken out of his back pack, inflicted bites and scratches which required hospital treatment before de Haas was allowed to return home to rest.

The injury forced him to delay by 24 hours his departure for Japan, where he will be one of 11 Australians competing at the world championships starting on August 7.

Animal attacks are an occupational hazard for orienteers, who run against the clock through bushland and are required to check in at various control points.

De Haas, considered a medal prospect in the long distance event, has been attacked by ducks, emus and kangaroos in the past.

"It's amazing really. He's got a phobia about animals but he seems to get attacked everywhere he goes," said team manager Rod Dominish.

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