Friday, July 22, 2005

Hair samples scrutinized in Yukon sasquatch sighting

The question of whether or not there is a bigfoot roaming around the Yukon hangs by a hair, as a biologist analyzes samples taken from the community of Teslin where nine people reported sasquatch sightings 10 days ago.

Phillip Merchant, a territorial biologist, says so far tests show the hair was likely not from a bear.

He made the assessment after comparing hair samples found at the scene, with samples of known local mammals.

Merchant says he can't make an exact match, but says the hair most resembles that of a Yukon bison. He says more precise tests could be fairly expensive.

"There are new electron microscopes that could be applied and it's all a question of getting someone who is interested in doing it and what the bill is and who will pay," says Merchant.

"If it comes from the government of the Yukon does it give it an aura of authenticity? We have to be careful we don't send people on a wild goose chase."

Merchant says he's skeptical about the sasquatch claims. But he says he will do what he can to determine the origin of the hair sample.

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