Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Three Tulane primates still on the loose

Of the 53 pigtail macaques that went missing from the Tulane National Primate Center on May 9, three animals remain on the loose somewhere in the Covington area as of Friday.

The macaques, part of the breeding stock within the colony of 1,200 primates living in large corrals off Three Rivers Road, are small animals ranging in size from 15 to 20 pounds with a distinct curly tail like that of a pig. They are not impregnated or experimentally infected with any sicknesses.

Fran Simon, director of Tulane University Health Sciences public relations, said every animal is tagged and numbered.

"They know exactly which three are missing," she said. "These animals are very valuable."

No credible tips on animal sightings have been received for the past week, Simon said.

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