Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Skunk Ape Festival set for June 11th

come get some.

The third annual Skunk Ape Festival, hosted by Dave Shealy, will be on June 11, 2005 from noon to 9 PM at Trail Lakes Campground.

Kimberly Lamp will be co-host and entertainer.

Many side events will follow throughout the day.

The elephant trainer from Lion Country Safari will be available to talk with anyone interested.

The Ms. Skunk Ape Contest will be held at the festival. It is judged solely on personality and Skunk Ape knowledge. Any female over 18 can enter. Previous winners were 1st year, Michelle, a Marine Biologist and 2nd year, Misty Haney.

The new film "The Ochopee Skunk Ape" will be viewed on 3 separate occasions throughout the day in the Campgrounds Rec Hall.

The 1st Skunk Ape festival was held by Bill Mitchell, owner of what is now the Oasis Visitors Center in the Big Cypress Preserve. The last festival was held 25 years ago. Then Dave Shealy decided to carry on the tradition, making this an annual event. There will be a special dedication to Tommy & Danny Mitchell, son's of the late Bill Mitchell.

"Do I think there will be a live sighting?...Of course, there is always that possibility," stated Dave Shealy.

Surprised guests are expected.

Admission is $10.00 per person. Campsites available.

Bring a cooler, lawn chair, bug spray & umbrella. Super Dogs & Bubba Cola also available.

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