Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Public review on monkeys as pets, IFAW demands ban

Pets may suffer distress similar in nature to humans who have to wear diapers

The public are to be consulted on keeping monkeys and apes as pets as part of a review of government policy.

Biodiversity Minister Jim Knight is due to announce the consultation as the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) condemned keeping such pets.

An IFAW report said primates made unsuitable pets and could suffer distress similar in nature to humans.

Consultation will consider how to use European law regulating the keeping of primates and other endangered species.

The European regulations only relate to conservation though, and cannot be used to address animal health or welfare issues.

But Mr Knight will say that the proposed Animal Welfare Bill, outlined in the Queen's Speech, will "set the framework for the law governing pets for many years to come".

He will say: "The extended duty to promote animal welfare will mean all domestic or captive animals must be cared for in accordance with best animal management practices."

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