Wednesday, June 01, 2005

NDA’s monkey menace turns cadet into inventor

If you thought the National Defence Academy can only churn out battlehardy officers, think again. The premier defence institute can also make scientists out of them. Even as the battle against the langurs continues, a cadet of the C/112 batch has, after the slowdown by the Forest Department’s ban on tranquillising and sterilizing the simians, invented a monkey dispeller device.

The device promises to scare away monkeys without harming them. Developed by Cadet C Pichipooraja, the device has a touch switch with an attached wire. This wire, which does not produce any electric shock, can be draped over trees or walls. Whenever a monkey touches the wire, a loud machine gun fire sound is activated. All this at a cost of just Rs 140!

‘‘We can shoo the monkeys away without harming them,’’ says a cadet who was demonstrating the device at the NDA Expo inaugurated by Rashmi Chopra, wife of Commandant Lt Gen A K Chopra, on Saturday. The three-day exhibition is part of the end-term activities by cadets of hobby clubs.

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