Monday, June 13, 2005

Monkey still running wild in Tokyo after 2 months

A monkey clings to an electric wire while showing off to apparently inept monkey catchers in Taito-ku, Tokyo, on June 8.

A wild monkey that abruptly appeared in Shibuya-ku in late April has since been roaming around downtown Tokyo to the frustration of police officers, metropolitan government officials said.

The government of Kita-ku, where the monkey appeared, installed a cage with food in a bid to trap the animal, but it was a raccoon dog that was caught.

Experts and local government officials have urged residents not to approach the animal.

"Don't chase the monkey or feed the animal," said Motoharu Ida, the chief monkey breeder at Ueno Zoo.

The Taito-ku government warned local residents not to approach the monkey if they spot the animal.

Three residents reported that they spotted a monkey in the Hiroo district of Shibuya-ku on April 30, according to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's public health section.

The monkey that three people reported having spotted is believed to be the same animal. The metropolitan government has received information that the monkey was seen in the busy Roppongi district of Minato-ku during the same period.

The monkey subsequently moved in a clockwise direction in the following month, traveling north from Shinjuku-ku to Bunkyo-ku and then to Kita-ku where it wandered around for another month. It then moved to Arakawa-ku early this month and then to Taito-ku.

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