Friday, June 24, 2005

Male monkey menace robs Kalna of peace

A monkey deserted by it’s herd has been creating havoc in Purbasthali, about 45 km from here for the past fortnight. It has injured as many as 60 people including schoolteachers and students, beggars, railway staffs and four policemen. According to government reports the health services authorities have recorded 39 cases of monkey bites till now. The Kalna SDO has sought the forest department’s assistance to help ending the menace in the area.

The monkey herd had struck the locations adjacent to the Purbasthali Police Station complex about one and half months ago. The herd, according to the policemen: “Had been quite calm.” But according to the officials, “The herd one day deserted a male and vanished from the area. The male is still roaming in the area and has been on the rampage ever since.” Initially locals expected the animal would leave the place within a day or two. But, according to Mr Akhil Das, secretary, Purbasthali market committee: “The male monkey became reckless after it was deserted. It started biting the pedestrians and shop owners in the market.” He complained: “The market committee had sought assistance from the administration and police but it has remained indifferent.”

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