Thursday, June 23, 2005

Baboon goes ape in Brooklyn, South Africa

A baboon on the loose got up to some serious monkey business in leafy Brooklyn yesterday, creating a mixture of bemusement and disbelief.

Dinah Burke, whose home is at the corner of Nicholson and Rupert streets, said she could not believe her eyes when she saw the animal jumping off the wall into her garden.

"I was sitting in my bedroom and I saw the baboon. It was a big one
and it ran around the garden before jumping over the wall on to my
neighbour's property. I immediately ran and called my mother.

"But it was already too late. We went outside and a number of road
construction workers said they had seen it. It was apparently running fast and jumping over a number of garden walls," said Dinah.

Her mother, Simone, said she was shocked, but also concerned about the safety of the animal. Burke said: "It is worrying to think where it could be now. It may be in the Menlyn or Groenkloof areas or the other surrounding suburbs, but judging from my daughter's story, the poor animal is scared and we are just afraid of what might
happen to it, if it is not captured and put in a place of safety."

Burke said she was also concerned at the increasing prevalence of wild animals in the city. She recalled a Pretoria News report less than two months ago about a lynx captured in the eastern suburbs.

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