Thursday, May 05, 2005

New Bigfoot footage disappoints

what me worry?

A flurry of excitement among Bigfoot believers was punctured last night by the screening of a new videotape that one disappointed expert said was so blurry she could barely make out any detail.

A ferry operator shot the video in northern Manitoba and Fox News bought it for what is believed to be a six-figure amount. It was aired yesterday on A Current Affair, a tabloid show that reaches few Canadian households.

Promotional clips for the show said that producers had "two minutes and 49 seconds of videotape you've gotta see to believe," a promise that Bigfoot researcher Lisa Shiel called overblown.

Ms. Shiel, author of a fictional work The Hunt for Bigfoot and currently at work on a non-fiction book called Backyard Bigfoot, watched the show from the Michigan's Upper Peninsula. She said that it was a brief program and that only 20 or 30 seconds of the Manitoba footage was shown.

Story here.

Promo video here.

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