Friday, May 06, 2005

Monkey makes brief escape from island laboratory

run monkey, run.

In children's story books, it's the monkey who's the curious one.
But in northern Beaufort County, it's the monkey's caretaker who'd like to have a few questions answered.

The caretaker's curiosity was piqued this week when one of the rhesus monkeys that lives on Morgan Island escaped from the colony. The primate's pilgrimage took him to Coosaw and Lady's islands -- residents spotted him in both places -- before he was captured Tuesday.

Officials with Alpha Genesis, the company that cares for the monkey, said they can't explain how he managed to leave their island laboratory and make his way across Parrot Creek. The mobile monkey was found seven miles from Morgan Island.

"I have been here eight years, and this is the first one (escape) I can remember in the area," said Greg Westergaard, president and chief executive officer of Alpha Genesis. "I'm at a loss at how it got over there. They probably can swim a little bit, but it really is a long way over there."

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Anonymous said...

rhesus monkeys can swim. dont u think he could have escaped and paddled with the current? (which movies pretty fast)maybe it was a stow-away on the boat. i cant believe this is the only article about this incident.