Friday, May 20, 2005

Kiki's baby is diagnosed with metabolic bone illness

Dr Eric Baitchman tends Franklin Park Zoo gorilla Kiki's baby, who is suffering from a vitamin D deficiency and a severe hangover.

A team of Franklin Park Zoo veterinarians and doctors from the Longwood medical area have teamed up to diagnose and treat a newborn gorilla for a rare bone disease.

The as-yet-unnamed gorilla, who was born at the zoo Nov. 24, was diagnosed by pediatrician Dr. Eleanor Menzin and veterinarian Dr. Hayley Murphy as suffering from metabolic bone disease caused by a vitamin D deficiency.

The diagnosis was complicated by the fact the gorilla's mother, longtime zoo resident Kiki, clutches her female offspring to her body at all times. Doctors had to anesthetize the mother for several hours Saturday in order to physically examine the baby.

The medical team credited zoo employees for being extremely observant and noticing the tiny primate seemed to be developing more slowly than her half-sister, Kira, who was born five years ago.

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