Thursday, March 03, 2005

DeBarge claims Michael Jackson was up to some inappropriate monkey business with Bubbles

poor bubbles

The sex charges against Michael Jackson grow more bestial by the day.

Just when you thought the King of Pop's reputation couldn't sink any lower, it turns out Jackson's former brother-in-law James DeBarge has claimed the singer was up to some inappropriate monkey business with his chimp, Bubbles.

DeBarge, whose marriage to Janet Jackson was annulled in 1985, alleges that back when he was living with the Jackson family, he came upon an eye-popping sight.

"He was changing Bubbles' diapers and just got carried away," DeBarge said in a 1993 interview, which we've obtained. DeBarge added that during the alleged incident, Bubbles, who was "just a baby," "had a smile on his face."

The musician said, "Michael would call the trainer and have him bring Bubbles over to spend the night once in a while when he wanted some company."

Bubbles dropped out of sight several years ago, prompting rumors that Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, shot the chimp after he caught him in bed with his son.

But yesterday, California animal trainer Bob Dunn confirmed to us that the chimp was in his care.

"He's in his 20s," said Dunn, who still works with Jackson. "He's doing fine."

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