Monday, February 14, 2005

Runaway monkey pestering Makati village folk

IF YOU pass by San Miguel Village in Makati City and happen to see a monkey perched on a tree or electric post, call the police or inform residents.

The primate has allegedly been pestering village folk in the Barangay Poblacion community for a week now, and efforts to catch it have been futile, Anthony Torre, security officer of the village yesterday said.

Torre said the monkey, which was as big as a year-old baby, could have been someone's pet, but no one's claiming it.

According to him, the furry animal shows itself in the mornings and late afternoons, appearing in one street and popping up in another.

In the week it had been loose, the monkey has reportedly destroyed property and gained the ire of residents in the village of about 100 families, Torre said.

The other day, it broke a car wiper on F. Zobel Street.

Yesterday afternoon, it took and broke a 9-year-old boy's toy on the same street.

Because their village is lined with trees, Torre said the monkey picked up the habit of throwing fruits on passersby on Candelaria Street.

There are also reports that the monkey once entered a house on Layog Street and smashed bottles.

On another occasion, the primate ripped laundry off a resident's clothesline.

Torre said they hope to catch the monkey before the residents' patience runs out.

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