Wednesday, February 16, 2005

First Gorilla Born at Chicago Zoo Dies at 35


Lincoln Park Zoo lost another famous resident when kidney failure claimed the life of Kumba, a female western lowland gorilla, officials announced today.

Kumba was euthanized Saturday after suffering what zoo officials described as "a severe decline in her physical condition and quality of life." In recent months, the gorilla had been losing weight, muscle tone and overall body condition.

"Losing an animal is the most difficult part of working at the zoo, and it was really tough to say goodbye to Kumba, who was the first gorilla born here and a member of our family for 35 years," General Curator Robyn Barbiers said in a prepared statement.

Kumba's was the first of 45 gorilla births at the zoo, officials said. Veterinarians noted Kumba's reduced renal function the last few years and tried a variety of treatments, but her health continued to decline.

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