Thursday, February 17, 2005

BBDO under attack for using chimp in new Pepsi spot

typical monkey teamsters on the job

The BBDO Network is facing criticism for using chimpanzees in its latest commercial for Pepsi Max. It follows a controversial ad for Halfords that also featured chimps and was withdrawn in 2003 following complaints.

In "monkey taxi", a man jumps into a cab and is thrown a can of Pepsi Max by the front-seat passenger as it is revealed that the driver is a chimpanzee. The terrified man takes a swig of his drink as the monkey speeds off recklessly through the city.

The ad, made by French agency CLM BBDO, has been criticised by leading conservationalist Dr Jane Goodall and the Captive Animals Protection Society, which is threatening to boycott all Pepsi products if the commercial is not withdrawn.

Craig Redmond, campaigns officer for CAPS, said: "Chimpanzees and other great apes used in commercials often live a miserable life of restriction and violence. They are only used at a young age because they become too difficulat to handle after adolescence, so they are ripped from their family to be trained and made to perform."

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