Monday, January 31, 2005

Oldest captive lowland gorilla turns 49

The Erie Zoo will mark the 49th birthday of Rudy today.

The gorilla is believed to be the oldest captive lowland gorilla in the world. That's according to the International Species Information System, which keeps records on captive animals.

Rudy was captured in Africa as a baby. He arrived at the Erie Zoo in 1987, after having lived at zoos in Saint Louis, Los Angeles and Cleveland.

Erie Zoo officials say Rudy is starting to show his age so they are thankful each day that the gorilla is with them. Rudy loves produce, and supplements his diet each day with Geritol, Herbalife and Boost every day, along with Glucosamine tablets, to fight joint pain.

Officials say Rudy will probably celebrate his birthday the was he spends every Monday. He'll likely watch a National Geographic video, drink a can of Boost and take a mid-morning nap.

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