Monday, January 24, 2005

Monkeys invade home, police not into monkey business

There was some monkey business in Mamelodi West yesterday when a troop of grey and "not-too friendly" simians invaded the house of an elderly resident in Manyane Street.

It is not known where the monkeys came from. They gained access to the house through the back door.

The woman initially spent frantic minutes trying to chase her unwelcome visitors out with a broom.

When this failed to do the job she sought help from neighbours - but a group of teenage boys were the only ones who volunteered, and apparently did more harm than good when they threw objects at the animals from up a tree.

Police were then called for assistance but Captain Piletji Sebola said: "Our area of expertise is crime-fighting. We are not into monkey business."

The monkeys also evaded SPCA inspector Job Masombuka - by the time he called for back-up, they were gone as mysteriously as they had arrived.

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