Thursday, January 20, 2005

Max the Gorilla's replacement introduced

Makoko, the mail-order Gorilla bridegroom from Munster Zoo in Germany, gets his groove on in his new enclosure at the Johannesburg Zoo

Makoko, the replacement gorilla for Johannesburg Zoo's famous crime busting Max the Gorilla, has been introduced to the public after a 45-day quarantine. Makoko (19), who has travelled all the way from Germany, is destined to be the new companion for Lisa (33), Max's widow. Max died of old age last year.

The German stud, Makoko, moves toward the crowd with the flare of a professional model. Weighing in at 200kg he is much taller that the late beloved Max. Makoko has a greyish black coat that ripples with muscles as he lumbers around his new home. After having been indoors for 45 days he was grateful to be out in the open.

He plans to settle his lobola to his bride on Valentine's Day. Speaking through his Chief negotiator, Philip Cronje, he says it would be a wonderful Valentines Day gift if he could have Lisa at his side for the rest of his life in his new home at the Johannesburg Zoo.

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