Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Baby White-faced Saki Monkey Born at Como Zoo


A baby white-faced saki monkey was born on December 26th at Como Zoo to Patty (Age 6), on loan from the Cleveland Zoo, and Milton (Age 4), on loan from the Pittsburgh Zoo. The two parents are a breeding pair sent to Como Zoo in January of 2003 as part of a nationwide population management plan for this rare primate species. This is the second offspring born to Patty and Milton. The new baby joins sister Frances who was born just a year ago on January 3, 2004. Como Zoo officials do not yet know the sex of the baby saki, as they have not had to intervene with the family. The mother has bonded well with the baby and is providing excellent care. The baby's gender will be revealed at around two months old when male sakis start to show the white face coloration.

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