Thursday, December 23, 2004

Strong evidence was found recently to support the existence of Bigfoot in Belize

This small humanlike track found in the dense forests of Belize is believed to be that of the Dwendi, a small cryptid primate that apparently wears about a size 10.

Strong evidence was found recently to support the existence of Bigfoot in Belize, lending credence to native legends. Locals tell of encounters with the fearsome Dwendi. Descriptions of the creature match those of the more commonly known sasquatch, aka bigfoot.

Ken Gerhard, a field investigator for the American Primate Conservation Alliance (APCA) and the Center for Fortean Zoology just returned from a successful research trip to Belize looking for the Sisemite and Dwendi, two cryptid Bigfoot-like primates said to roam the country's dense forests.

"We were really excited to help sponsor Ken's mission with equipment and happy to report that he is back safely and found some strong evidence of cryptid primates in Belize, particularly the Dwendi," said APCA founder Chester Moore.

Gerhard found four nicely formed tracks that fit the profile of the Dwendi, a miniature Bigfoot-type creature similar to the Orang-Pendek of the Pacific.

"I've been talking about an expedition to Belize for awhile and after Ken went down and found this evidence my team and I will certainly be venturing to Belize in '05 to continue the work," Moore said.

"Ken is an excellent field investigator and we're glad to have him as part of the APCA and glad we could have some involvement with the mission. The next step is going back down with more equipment and now thanks to Ken with an idea where some of these animals are and do a major follow-up," Moore said.

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Michael A. said...

I just watched the Bigfoot episode on the Travel Channel and enjoyed it very much.
I live in Oklahoma and spend a good amount of time in the woods hunting and observing. Although I have never observed a big foot, I believe in their existence.
I am a sheriff's deputy, the reason I say this is I believe you may need to utilize a thermal imaging camera if you can get access to one. We use these devices in law enforcement in addition to military use. A quality thermal imaging camera will get you the images you need at any distance and through the dense woods.
Some other suggestions. As you know, big foot are simply an animal and as such must be stalked as one. When in the woods take up a stationary position and limit your movements. Be careful to move very very slowly, even if scratching your nose. Talk as little as possible and then only in a soft whisper. Do not smoke!
Remember, you are in their bedroom. Most wild animals they will move out of the area if they sense you near them, and their senses are keen. That is basic animal instinct.
Enter the woods about two hours before sunset and stay the night at the position. Anytime I have set in the woods camouflaged (both visibly and scent wise) or in a natural blind I have built, the animals will come in after a time. Animals will forget about the sounds that spooked them after awhile and will return to their normal movements. However, if a deer for instance sees you, it will remember it for hours and you are pretty much done for the day with that particular animal. Try storing your clothing in cedar chips prior to going into the woods. It is a great natural scent cover and smells like the cedars in the woods. Smoke, after-shaves, colognes and cooking smells will drive away animals when they detect your scent. They are always checking the air for warnings signs. As an example, on numerous occasions I have had a deer come within eight feet and never know I was there, because they could not detect my scent, the same with bobcat and other animals. Wild animals rely on their ears and nose first, then their eye sight.
Remember to stalk these animals as if you were hunting them for the table and it will greatly increase your chances of success.