Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Monkey on biting spree caught in S Delhi

A small rhesus monkey, which had bitten about 100 people over the past three months in south Delhi's farmhouses and villages of Sultanpur and Mandi, was finally trapped recently. The simian had turned "aggressive" because it reportedly been kept in captivity and mistreated earlier.

Representatives of an NGO, which caught the monkey after the civic bodies' attempt to nab it failed, revealed that a yellow electrical wire was tightly tied round the primate's neck. This, they said, was causing it pain and resulted in its attacking humans.

Said Sumit Behl, a businessman living in Sultanpur Estate, "The monkey had bitten my little daughter inside my house. In fact, it had waged a virtual reign of terror. The civic body had supplied residents with a cage to catch the monkey. But the animal proved too clever."

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