Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The leader of an infamous gang of four rhesus monkeys is finally captured

It may not have been the only monkey-brained move he made, but a wrong leap on Friday delivered a rhesus monkey right into arms of the law.

After giving nightmares to hapless villagers of Sultanpur for the last four months, the leader of an infamous gang of four rhesus monkeys was finally captured when his latest victim ran inside a room, shook him off his shoulders and ran for his life. Sadly for the primate, the panicky labourer had enough wits about him to lock the door.

‘‘I think he was more scared than he had ever been in his life and running inside was more of a matter of chance than of choice. Whatever it may have been, we are happy that the most dangerous member has been captured,’’ said Kartick Satyanarayan, chairman of the Wildlife S.O.S, one of the organisations working with residents to net the monkeys.

The monkey was later subdued and captured by a rescue team from the organisation and officials of the Wildlife Department.

‘‘They are most likely related to each other. The one we captured had a yellow string around its neck, which shows it must have once belonged to a human and was either abandoned or ran away,’’ adds Kartick.

The monkeys earned themselves a place in the villagers hitlist after they started attacking children. ‘‘They were unprovoked attacks. They would lurk around and when they found an isolated child, they would maul and bite them. In fact, about two months ago, two children died after sustaining injuries from these monkeys,’’ says Frank Massey, a local.

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