Thursday, December 23, 2004

Karimganj Farmers fight monkey invasion

Hundreds of farmers in India's northeastern Assam state today called for help to bring hundreds of rampaging monkeys under control after a series of attacks on their children and crops.

The farmers, in the district of Karimganj which borders Bangladesh, said that in the past week up to two dozen villages had come under attack by the monkeys, which flee across the border for safety when chased.

"Monkeys in their hundreds from the jungles of Jakiganj in Bangladesh have virtually invaded our villages and are destroying paddy and vegetable fields," Sushanta Das, a community elder from Bedorong village, told AFP by telephone.

"Quite a number of children were injured by monkeys in the past few days," another village elder, Subroto Roy, said. "We are chasing the animals and (are) even prepared to kill them."

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