Saturday, December 25, 2004

Delhi packs off monkey menace

A langur, employed by the foreign ministry to drive away monkeys, does his job by kicking a little monkey ass.

The capital has finally hit on an idea to rid it of monkeys — pack them off and away.

The Union environment and forests ministry has decided to send them off to Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh at a cost of about Rs 40 lakh.

The relocating having met with some success in Uttar Pradesh, the ministry has decided to give Rs 25 lakh as grant to Madhya Pradesh to take in more of the simians.

Delhi forests and wildlife minister Raj Kumar Chauhan told the Vidhan Sabha about the plan earlier this week.

The man-animal conflict had played havoc in North and South Block, the Delhi police headquarters, the Vidhan Sabha and many of the capital’s residential neigbourhoods and government complexes. Madaris, government drives and even fellow simians — langurs — failed to control the monkeys.

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