Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Twin marmosets named for Bush, Kerry!

Examples of marmoset monkeys with their mother, not actually the new bush/kerry marmosets

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Two baby marmosets, who made their debut at the Blank Park Zoo on Monday, have been named George and John -- for President George W. Bush and his Democratic challenger, Sen. John Kerry.
"We wanted to find a unique way to commemorate the times the presidential candidates monkeyed around in Iowa," quipped Terry Rich, chief executive officer at the zoo."This has been a wild campaign," he added.
The tiny monkeys, born eight weeks ago, are twins -- not that uncommon in marmosets, Rich said. They were kept under close watch until deemed healthy enough to put on exhibit -- which just happened to fall on the eve of Tuesday's election.
Native to Brazil, marmosets eat fruit, leaves, seeds and insects. They live to be 15 to 20 years old, and have sent pads to mark their territory."They stay in lifelong family groups," he said. "They're very family oriented."The Weid marmoset is identified by the white tufts on its ears, Rich said. When fully grown, each of the marmosets will about a foot long -- and their tails will be as long as their bodies."
I think one of them smiled, which probably indicates they've got a little political streak in them," he said.
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