Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Larry's stolen, and Curly misses him.

A CALLOUS thief's idea of monkey business could prove fatal for a 16-year-old cotton-top tamarin, stolen from a Far South Coast zoo.

Larry was taken on Sunday night, leaving Mogo Zoo staff devastated.

"It's like our home has been invaded and one of our children stolen," Mogo Zoo owner Sally Padey said yesterday.

As well as the distress of losing Larry, Mrs Padey and her staff were distraught at the thought of the likely consequences.

Mrs Padey said Larry was one of the zoo's original cotton-tops, having been there since 1996.

"He's 16 years old, so he's a little old man," keeper Katie Hooker said. "He's old and he needs medical attention. He needs special conditions, their diet is very important.

"I'm worried that the stress is going to give him a heart attack."

Larry's sister Curly is also upset, she has been with him all of his life.

The thief or thieves cut through padlocks to get at Larry and seem to have specifically targeted the rare and endangered animal.

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