Thursday, November 18, 2004

Animal Aid's Mad Science Awards handed out to Cambridge University's Department of Experimental Psychology

ANIMAL rights protesters said they achieved their aim when they handed out "Mad Science Awards" to people who carry out scientific research on animals.

Going ape: The Animal Aid protesters Five members of Animal Aid, dressed as boggle-eyed blood-covered "scientists" and a giant caged "monkey", on Wednesday handed out their annual Mad Science Awards to research staff at Cambridge University's Department of Experimental Psychology, who they claim deliberately inflict severe brain damage on primates.

Specially-prepared certificates were taken to the university as members of Animal Aid aimed to show the public the significance of the occasion.

Andre Menache, a veterinary surgeon and scientific consultant to Animal Aid, said: "It went very well. We achieved our aim and handed the certificates to the security people to give to 16 researchers who have performed really grotesque scientific research. Two of them got the main awards for mutilating the brains of monkeys. They say this research is to improve treatment of people with strokes but not one of the treatments has had any bearing on people."

Story here. Mad Science Awards here.

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